Every village or city has its festivals here. Especially in the summer months something is celebrated somewhere every weekend.

Mostly the festivities are related to the specialties of the village or region, such as the festival of broad beans, geese, snails, wine, truffles or the medieval festivals. Very nice to visit and join the long tables to get to know all the goodies and the local people.

Info: http://www.marcheinfesta.it/

In spring, usually last weekend of May, there is throughout Italy Cantina Aperta. Wine houses open their doors to taste wine. In November this will be repeated on a small scale and you can taste the new harvest.

Info: http://www.movimentoturismovino.it/risultati.php?reg=MAR

In August there is an annual "Summer Jamboree" in Senigallia . The entire city is Rock & Roll for a week.

Info: https://www.feelsenigallia.it/en/events/summer-jamboree.html

In our shared kitchen we keep track of where and what to visit.