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Fratte Rosa

Fratte Rosa is an authentic walled medieval village with about 1000 inhabitants and has an ancient history of handmade terracotta. In the village you can also find nice shops with handmade pottery. Our neighbour is one of the three remaining potters and has a workshop and shop at home where he sells his beautiful pottery.


For lovers of good olive oil you can also go to Fratte Rosa. Storoni sells his excellent olive oil.

For wine lovers, there is an excellent wine producer Terracruda where you can taste and buy fine wines from famous and less well-known old local grapes.

There are several bars in the village, each with its own atmosphere. For lovers of truffles, tartufi ,   there is a small snack bar where you can enjoy a good glass of wine with delicious truffle snacks in the evening sun.

Good food is also possible in Fratte Rosa, there is a delicious pizzeria and for a real lunch of Le Marche, pranzo , there is a good restaurant.

Fratte Rosa is located between the sea and the mountains. One half hour drive and you can lay down on the beach or half an hour drive to the mountains where you can walk, cycle or just drive around by car.