La vita è bella

Who are we ?

We are Christa and Jan Koers.

Many years ago we fell in love with Italy and especially Le Marche. Not just in love, we decided to live here. In 2008 we bought a ruin just outside Fratte Rosa. We parked our caravan here and spent many holidays. This is how we got to know the area well, the beautiful nature, beautiful beaches, nice places, nice restaurants and wineries. We are looking forward to transfer our enthusiasm to our guests and to contribute to an unforgettable holiday in Le Marche.

In 2014 we demolished the ruin and had a new house built from the old natural stones (boulders). From the outside an original Marchigian house, but inside with the comfort and conveniences of modern times. The strict requirements of earthquake-resistant building have also been met.

In March 2018 the house was ready at ground floor and so we relocated to Fratte Rosa as residents and sold our house in the Netherlands. We have worked hard on the garden (5000 m) and to prepare the first floor for our guests.

Jan is partially retired from work and goes to the Netherlands for a week once a month to work as a director of innovation in public transport automation. Christa has completely stopped working as medical ultrasound operator and can fully enjoy her hobbies like gardening and cooking.